Paul Wiltshire Fletcher was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1963. He predominantly works in the media of drawing and painting. Eclectic in style and approach, his work explores everyday life, nature and the ethereal.

Subsequent to attending a Foundation Course in Art & Design at the Middlesex University in 1982, he worked with commercial, advertising and editorial photographers, and as a graphic artist and designer. Completing his BA (Hons) in Fine Art & Design at Camberwell College of Arts in London in 1994, Wiltshire Fletcher worked as a graphic artist and designer founding Ecogaia Creative, after moving to Spain in 2004.

His art was featured in the regional newspaper, El Diario Montañes, Cantabria titled: “For Art Magic – Exploring Reality” (22 November 2015).

Wiltshire Fletcher currently lives and works in Cantabria, Spain, where alongside his artistic practice he gives art classes and creative workshops.