Paul Wiltshire Fletcher was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1963.

Subsequent to attending a Foundation Course in Art & Design at the Middlesex University in 1982, he worked in the construction industry, then as an assistant photographer for commercial, advertising and editorial photographers. Completing his BA (Hons) in Fine Art & Design at Camberwell College of Arts in London in 1994, Wiltshire Fletcher worked as a graphic artist and designer. He founded Ecogaia Creative, after moving to Spain in 2004.

His work features a combination of magical figuration and magical abstraction he terms ‘Organic Geometry’ inspired by his interest in Quantum Dynamics, symbolist art and mythology and legend that includes influences from European, African and Asian culture. His vibrant and colourful work invites us to reflect upon our understanding of reality, the material, the meaning of life, and ultimately us and our relationship with our environment.

Often created in series, his artistic oeuvre incorporates the use of a broad range of disciplines – drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and graphic technologies plus the employment of found and recycled materials.

His art was featured in the regional newspaper, El Diario Montañes, Cantabria titled: “For Art Magic – Exploring Reality” (22 November 2015).

In April 2018, he co-art directed and participated in the Sand Art Berria project. Part of the Proyecto Inovación (Innovation Project) incentive by the Department of Education in Cantabria, intended to stimulate education and inject play and creativity into schools.

A current work in progress is a permanent sculptural installation titled The Art of Living. A mixed media work that comprises natural materials to create a sheltered cob oven unit with a supporting counter. The finished installation is to display a painted fresco covering the oven dome.

Beside his art practice, he leads classes and workshops in art & craft activities and creative development. Wiltshire Fletcher currently lives and works in Cantabria, Spain.