Paul Wiltshire Fletcher

Paul Wiltshire Fletcher's work explores themes about everyday life and the ethereal. Eclectic in style and approach, it employs a combination of imagemaking and narrative, predominantly using the disciplines of drawing and painting, occasionally applying sculpture and photographic media.

The current works he terms ‘Organic Geometry’ works are motivated by an interest in Quantum Theory and Mechanics, and its symbiotic inter-relationship with inner and outer space, time and the intrinsic nature of things. Integrated into this, geometric forms, patterns and shapes present around us in nature, participate creating works evocative of a figurative magical abstraction.

An ‘imperfect’ geometry is evident, operating in a spacial relationship that appears to challenge the notion of perfect ordered geometry, often morphing as if going through some process of transformation.

This relationship between “In and Out” is explored via his figurative magical abstractions complemented by parallel works of a more figurative nature that draw inspiration from the seemingly superficial, material and mundane surrounding us in everday life. Using still-lifes, portraits and landscapes incorporating source material inspired by photographs, personal observations and memories.

Overall, the work intends to present a journey of personal reflection and inquiry into the interaction between the interior and exterior. Abstraction and figuration facilitate the realisation of an overall narrative dynamic embracing the tangible and ethereal.