Paul Wiltshire Fletcher

Art & craft have moved me since early childhood, where I was exposed to modelling materals, paint, woodworking materials and the surrounding natural environment. All this provided a broad platform for creative expression and playful exploration. Travel and multicultural exposure in my formative years also contributed to shaping my art.

What drives me is a profound impulse to create, which kindles a great sense of meaning and fulfillment for me; in effect it is a highly therapeutic and transformative experience. I primarily create for myself, then it is intended that the works act as positive contributors within the public domain. As such, art (the creative act) is magical as I believe it can connect us with a more profound understanding and appreciation of ourselves and the surrounding environment.

My work engages themes about everyday life and the ethereal. Eclectic in style and approach, it employs a combination of abstracted motifs and narrative that sometimes synergise together. The media I use includes drawing and painting, occasionally applying sculpture, photographic media and reutilised found materials. I often work in series as this allows me to play extensively with a theme.

In 2013, I began developing the current biomorphic ‘Organic Geometry’ works partly inspired by my interest in Quantum Dymanics. This ‘new science’ that says all possibilities exist in a state of energetic potentiality until a possibility is thought about. When willed and acted upon, that thought as focussed potential energy is then materialised into reality and takes on a life of it’s own. I sought to imbue these works with elements that relate to this symbiotic inter-relationship with inner and outer space, the micro and macrocosm and the intrinsic nature of things. Vibrant yet sublime colour interplays with organic and geometric motifs and forms, patterns and shapes present around us in nature.

This Organic Geometry is biomorphic by expressing geometric motifs and forms going through a process of change. Operating in a dynamic spacial relationship where sometimes elements in the work appear to reveal traces of a perfect ordered geometry, that seemingly biomorph as if going through some transmutative process of transformation. Letting go is important in the works’ creation. As this permits the work to unfold playfully, intuitively and spontaneously while still maintaining intention, where internal creativity and external expression are synergised to create these works.

This relationship between “In and Out” is explored via the magical abstraction of Organic Geometry complemented by and synergised with parallel works of a more magical and figurative nature that draw inspiration from the seemingly superficial, material and mundane surrounding us in everyday life. Using classic subject matter like still-life, portraits and landscapes, I incorporate source material inspired by photographs, personal observations, memories and imagination.

Beside the aforementioned, I would say symbolism (Gustav Klimt), expressionism and abstract expressionism (Kandinsky), Basquiat, Rego, Doig, Velázquez, JMW Turner, Dürer, Bosch, are a few of the many Western Art influences. Having said that, African and Oriental Art have significantly contributed to my artistic development. Music, cinema, philosophy, ancient civilsations, mythology and legend are my other sources of inspiration.

The Arts play a key role within society and culture for education, therapy, transformation and transcendence. I believe Art is the collective soul of a socio-cultural structure, whose responsibility in that moment serves as a reflection of that culture. Having said that Art can be an effective source for positive change and progress and upliftment.